As a baby Jody was always pleasant and never grumpy, unlike other normal toddlers she would never go to strangers and was very attached to her parents that was her comfort zone and security, as a growing teen she was very shy and an introvert. She did not have many friends accept for one friend she has learned to confide and trust in.

She would always shy away from the centre of attraction like for e.g. We decided to dine out for her 6th birthday, when she saw the staff gathering around our table to sing happy birthday, she started crying but very softly, at the time mom Colleen would step in and comfort her. Because of the lack of friends, she replaced it with reading, watching TV, going to the movies and listening to music, preferably Celine Dion – her idol.

She would reluctantly sing in front of us, but would sing on the top of her voice in the shower and listening to her singing in the shower, we knew there surely is some talent. She sure is a character, loves to imitate actors or cartoon characters. She is a very funny person and has a very warm personality and makes her dad smile/laugh all the time, whenever she’s around.

She and her sister – Candice has a special bond and has a lot in common, she and her younger brother – Joshua, 8 years old, irritates each other so much at times that mom or dad has to interfere but nothing serious just sister and brother things.

Jody’s singing career started on afternoon after school when she told her dad that she wanted to sing, he took her to Marius Theron, who was her music teacher for 4 years before Idols. When Idols came to town in Cape Town, her dad encouraged her to go but she said she wasn’t ready so we left it until she called her dad at 12:00 am to let him know she would go for the auditions. Idols has really changed her life – she is a different person, she has matured and unlike before, she now speaks and performs confidently in public.


My 1st priority is to complete my education, which will be the end of next year. I’d love to go international but I need to work my way to get there. I am also planning to play some sort of instrument, like the piano or the violin.



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